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==NEW RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTS== From the early 60’s, there was a large growth of the number of religious organisations in society.CHURCH – Large, universalistic organisations aimed to include the whole of society.Denominations: ('inbetween church and a sect e.g.methodist church, hierarchy but not tied to the state, appeals to wide audience but not universal appeal of church,supports dominant norms, represent significan minhority instead of a majority) Cult: (least organisaed, individualistic, small ,loose-knit, no sharply defined beliefs)Wallis' new religious movements: e.g.Hostile to wider society and expect a high level of commitment.Typically led by a charismatic leader and claim to have the monopoly of truth. WALLIS coined the term “new religious movement” to cover the different types of religious movements growing.

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My father had a competitor across the street and one block down.

that seems to go against the general grain of most of the articles published then. Why I Quit Being So Accommodating Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of my retirement from the business of being a Good Fellow. Until five years ago, if the city directory had told the truth, it would have listed after my name, as my real occupation, something like, “General Attender to Things,” or “Pinch Hitter,” or “Fine Old Scout.” I hope I am entitled in some measure to these designations even to-day.

But I have quit being an accommodator and nothing else.

Gerkan, Marg and Partners Theunissen Jankowitz Durban, Ambro-Afrique Consultants, Osmond Lange Architects & Planners, NSM Designs, Mthulisi Msimang, Designed by the late Sibusiso Nene( a grade 11 student) The Moses Mabhida Stadium is a stadium in Durban, South Africa, named after Moses Mabhida, a former General Secretary of the South African Communist Party. The stadium became a venue for several events, like bungee jumping, concerts, cricket, football, golf practice, motorsports and rugby union..

The stadium is adjacent to the Kings Park Stadium, in the Kings Park Sporting Precinct, and the Durban street circuit used for the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport.

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