Validating persistence model dating filebase lv

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But one thing that I think constantly trips people up is when they think object validity on a context independent way such as an is Valid method implies.I think it's much more useful to think of validation as something that's bound to a context - typically an action that you want to do.

When experiencing Reform for the first time, it might seem to do a lot, too much: It decorates a model, parses the incoming data into some object graph, validates the data somehow and supports writing this data back to the model.This blog post gives an early overview, code examples, and a few details of MLlib’s persistence API.Key features of ML persistence include: Thanks to all of the community contributors who helped make this big leap forward in MLlib!All of these use cases are easier with model persistence, the ability to save and load models.With the upcoming release of Apache Spark 2.0, Spark’s Machine Learning library MLlib will include near-complete support for ML persistence in the Data Frame-based API.

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