Updating cisco ios

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Log onto the Cisco Web site; you can find the download here: Enter your login information, and click OK. This Web site offers all versions of the ASA software, the Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM) GUI for the ASA, and even translators to enable your SSL VPN messages to appear in other languages.

For this example, I'm downloading the latest and greatest: Cisco ASA software 8.0.2 ED, as shown in Figure A.

IOS 15 is a single software package for the hardware platform that your are using.

Now that flash is cheap and large, there doesn’t need to be a different IOS image for the different versions with the advanced features.

I could script this, but before doing this I wanted to be sure that the only way to do this is with my own scripts.

edit: Just to be clear I'm not looking for a way to make the routers automatically update themselves just an automated way to push out IOS updates to the routers.

It I recently wrote an Ansible module that allows you to use SSH SCP to transfer a file to Cisco IOS devices.So you get one software image that has all the features for that platform.You should note that IOS 15 enforces licensing for the Advanced feature sets.Subsequent upgrades featured versions 7.1, 7.2, and 8.0.The Cisco ASA is a good firewall, and I like it much better than the PIX.

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