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my AR doesnt even let me get to the codes how do i fix that and it is with every game that it does that. If you have 1.61 you can still DOWNGRADE it to 1.55, but you CANNOT change, add or remove codes.

If you UPGRADE from 1.54 or lower it will work like normal and you can still change codes. This is to report a problem with the comment to the staff for moderation. To reply please close this box and use the 'Add a comment' box below.

Q: Is there a v1.60 or v1.71 firmware for v1.52 / 1.54 owners?

A: v1.60 firmware is NOT compatible with v1.52/v1.54 hardware.

Disclaimer #2 : I'm not responsible in the case I brick your cartridge and/or damage your Saturn. All thanks about Pseudo Saturn firmware must go to Cyberwarrior X.When he puts AC in it works but when i do it it says 'unknown game'. Ok, the Action Replay comes with codes just for Adventure mode and stuff for Metroid Prime Hunters. Insert your Action Replay into your console, and a GBA game into Action Replay’s GBA slot.I have NO idea where to find codes for online, just because Code Junkies doesn't have them. While the GBA or DS is powered off, hold A B Start Select Right shoulder button Left shoulder button.There is no updating, you'd have to buy the new action reply from somewhere that sells them.ok so ive got an AR but when i put in the ds i goes to the screen where it show the words then goes black.

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