Sorority sexual chat

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As a freshman visiting these "top houses" during the formal recruitment process, I felt like I was walking into a CW show.

The houses were gorgeous, the sisters were stunning and stick-thin, and their smiles shined brighter than that of Miss America.

While sorority life may evoke images of the , that perception is often far from the realities of sisterhood.

The guidelines outlined by Alpha Chi Omega aren’t particularly scandalous—these emails, which are typical of virtually every sorority during recruitment, are little more than banal outlines of what outfits and nail polish prospects should wear during recruitment.

Click here for the story Paddling is what some may think a classic.

Though it's what's most commonly associated with the ancient tradition of hazing.

I set up this company initially in 2013 as a community interest company before changing Our Sorority into a Charity in 2015.

I am currently studying health & social care level 3 NVQ so that I can enhance my knowledge and understanding of my role to help further my career.

In advance of Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAPM) this April, colleges around the country are gearing up to have open conversations about sexual violence and talk about ways to reduce instances of sexual assault on campus.

Greek life organizations, and other on-campus groups of influence, are in a unique position to lead that conversation.

There are plenty of valid things to critique about Greek life, but what sorority women wear during recruitment—that’s a fairly innocuous topic.

So why did various mainstream media outlets describe a leaked email detailing wardrobe guidelines from the University of Southern California’s Alpha Chi Omega sorority chapter as "batshit," "crazy," and "authoritarian"?

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