Same sex dating violence

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Some of the dynamics of dating violence in gay and lesbian relationships differ from heterosexual relationships.

As that changes and data becomes available, this content will be updated to include information regarding transgender and questioning/queer youth.Many lesbian batterers grew up in violent households and were physically, sexually, or verbally abused and/or witnessed their mothers being abused by fathers or stepfathers (6,7,14). Benodraitis (Ed.), Subtle sexism: Current practice and prospects for change (pp. How is lesbian partner violence different from heterosexual partner violence? The cultural politics of abuse in lesbian relationships: Challenges for community action. Subsequently, these findings may not apply to women who are less open, less educated, or of other ethnic backgrounds. Lesbians who abuse another women may do so for reasons similar to those that motivate heterosexual male batterers. Domestic violence in lesbian relationships: Findings of the lesbian relationships research project. Lesbians abuse their partners to gain and maintain control (9).

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