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Her social media posts were brimming with anger and when she and Ian had to show up at a Vampire Diaries event together, well it wasn’t until last fall that the chill seemed to have left the air.

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But are these over-the-top declarations of L-O-V-E in meadow are a reaction to the vitriol, or a pandering to the fanbase? What makes this the “right time” to tell their rarified world?Ian has always opted to keep his private life incredibly quiet so for over a year he wasn’t really solidly linked to another woman.Sure there were sightings with a random chick here and there but nothing significant.movies, caught a flight to Los Angeles from France on Friday (July 7) and they were spotted exiting LAX Airport one after another.Kristen was joined by her girlfriend Stella Maxwell following a trip to France for fashion week.

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