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Imaginations run wild to make crazy delicious combinations.

664 North Highland Ave., Atlanta, GA 30306 Website Episode 602: Hotlanta Heirloom Market BBQ Texas BBQ meets Korean soul food at Heirloom Market BBQ in Atlanta.

Kam was one of eight beautiful children of this union.

He and his family are longtime residents of Conroe, where they unselfishly give of themselves to their community and church.

It found that only 1.6 percent of those polled identified as “gay or lesbian,” while 0.7 percent said they were “bisexual.” In 2011 the pro-LGBT Williams Institute at UCLA estimated that 0.3 percent identified as transgender.

Thus a combined estimate for homosexuals, bisexuals and transgenders in America is around 3 percent. —No Way Another popular “gay” activist myth is the notion that homosexuals are “born that way.” This convenient narrative—stoked for many years by LGBT advocates—takes morality out of the homosexual debate by suggesting that homosexuals are not responsible for their sexual behaviors because “being gay” is a genetic part of “who they are.” From a scientific perspective, however, the “born gay” myth—like its bogus “10 Percent Gay” counterpart—has fallen on hard times.

Nashville, TN Website Plan Check Kitchen & Bar American comfort foods get re-worked and re-vamped at this West LA hotspot.

Time: Delaware's influence over national politics has steadily dwindled since becoming the first state to ratify the Constitution in 1787. Sam Moreno (Du Pont Board Of Directors): This crucial, hotly contested race is certain to have the most lasting impact on Delaware politics of any election in the state. Immigration: Every day, hundreds attempt to illegally cross the border between Animal Kingdom and Epcot. Steve Hessert (Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner): The showdown between the incumbent water reclamation commissioner, Hessert, and the former two-term governor of Florida is expected to be tight, although most analysts give the edge to the sitting commissioner. Sexual Health: An alarming study found that almost 70 percent of adults in Georgia have had an impure sexual thought in the last year. Nathan Holcomb (Suitors): Their competition for the heart of Miss Abigail Saunders has become the talk of all Savannah. will finally grant the state full access to all the letters of the alphabet. Green Sea Turtle (Extinction): With increasing pollution and human encroachment on their natural habitat, the race is on to see which one of these endangered reptiles will survive come November. House District 1): Labrador has continued to receive support from rural Idahoans after painting Piotrowski as a snobby, prissy candidate representing elitist Missoula, Montana values. Senate): The crucial outcome of this race could determine whether Republicans block legislation with a 53-47 majority or a 52-48 majority. Valentine's Day Massacre of 1929 is remembered fondly in Illinois as a symbol of a bygone era when just seven people being gunned down in Chicago was considered an unprecedented tragedy. Piracy: Illegal pirated copies of corn sold on the black market cost the state an estimated 0 million annually. Abortion: Legislators are considering comprehensive reforms to ensure pregnant teens have easy access to churches in their area. Coal Mining: Residents are still trying to figure out when this industry switched from one they were desperate to help their children escape to one they were desperate to keep in their state. Global Warming: Rising sea levels threaten to catalyze the invention of some sort of new boat-trolley hybrid that inebriated tourists will be able to both paddle and drive around New Orleans. A single unending parade has been meandering through New Orleans' streets since 1876. The state motto, "Oro y Plata," which is Spanish for "Gold and Silver," recognizes the importance of blue-collar work to the state and of having immigrants do it. Illegal Immigration: The scourge of illegal aliens pouring across the Mexican border is more horrifying than any statistical evidence to the contrary. Location: The state's residents, businesses, and cultural institutions continue to be severely hampered by their unfavorable location in North Dakota. Oklahoma City became the site of the country's first parking meter in 1935, and shortly thereafter, the site of its first utterance of "Oh, give me a fucking break." Environment: Some asshole keeps putting their trash out on the curb on the wrong day, and the raccoons are really having a field day in there. Fracking: After betting it all on steel for the entire 20th century, the state is looking ahead to the next industry it can put all its eggs into for several generations. Nomenclature: State residents are starting to realize that calling a water fountain a "bubbler" is making them look dumb. Stop Being A State (Statehood): The rest of the nation has had enough and decided that Rhode Island needs to stop kidding itself and at least triple in size or just give up this fucking charade and be absorbed into Connecticut already. There's a good chance you'll never have to go there in your life. Tennessee is known as "The Volunteer State" in recognition of the state's shockingly low-wage jobs.

Senate): After serving 30 years in the Senate, Shelby's campaign has argued that he would be a danger to both himself and those around him should he be forced back into society. Senate): Mc Cain faces a tough race despite an inspiring personal story that includes surviving 19 years of torture in the Senate. Senate): Incumbent Boozman will face off against the former U. attorney for the right to not live in Arkansas at least four days a week. Insidious Papist influence first infected our previously pristine Protestant nation when the Diocese of Baltimore was created in 1789.

If Alaska was placed on top of the contiguous United States, it would stretch from Florida to California and crush countless millions of Americans to death. Quantum Leap actor Dean Stockwell resides in Los Angeles. Colorado is home to the most Coloradans per capita in the United States. Bentley Has Put Before Us Today): After all, gentlemen, the entire future of this organization may be on the line! House District 2): Campaign aides have been fattening up these premium candidates since last spring in hopes that they can take home the congressional district's coveted blue ribbon. Senate): Moran, the incumbent Republican in heavily Republican-leaning Kansas, will face off against some poor bastard who apparently decided that he wanted to have the living shit kicked out of him in front of his entire state. Senate): Incumbent Paul attempts to avoid disappointing his father a second time in the same year. What Might Happen Next: Residents are plagued by the nagging doubt that poisoning thousands of its citizens might not have been the state's rock bottom. Mississippi has the nation's largest share of those who have almost saved enough money to get out of this town. The Crack Of A Wooden Door Against Its Frame On A Windy Night vs. President): Trump's repeated alienation of Hispanic voters has mercifully decreased the chance that residents will have to endure Clinton speaking a few words of Spanish in an effort to pander to them. Unemployment: A downturn in the economy has more and more New Yorkers scrambling to fill the relatively few positions as president of the United States. Immigration: Anti-immigration groups have argued that Duke University is primarily responsible for the massive flow of fuckwads and dickbags into their state in recent decades. Roy Cooper (Governor): The outcome of this heated race could determine whether North Carolina is Virginia-level Southern or Alabama-level Southern. The official state beverage is a mixture of clear spring water, ammonium bisulfate runoff, formaldehyde, and several heavy metals. Every Ohioan lives within 150 miles of a better state. Senate): Incumbent Wyden faces an uphill battle after stating he's pretty much out of bold ideas. Senate): Mc Ginty is running to become the state's first female senator, which, let's be honest, isn't really going to knock anyone's socks off this election season.

1029 Edgewood Ave., NE, Atlanta, GA 30307 Website The Optimist Landlocked Atlantans flock to this fish camp and oyster bar to get their fill of the freshest seafood in Atlanta.

917 Howell Mill Rd., Atlanta, GA 30318 Website Episode 603: Swine The Cannibal Part butcher shop, part restaurant, part beer shop, The Cannibal honors meats in a new, inventive way making sure that now part is left behind. 29th St., New York, NY 10016 Website Martin's Bar-B-Q Whole hog BBQ steals the show at this Tenneesee classic in Nolensville.

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