Chris nunez dating tatu baby

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Ink Master is an American reality competition television series airing on Spike which premiered on January 17, 2012.The show features tattoo artists who compete in various challenges assessing their tattoo and other related artistic skills.painting, hair cutting, etching, burning, etc.) The winner of the flash challenge wins the right to select their own human canvas in the elimination challenge, and, as of season two, pair up the other contestants with their human canvases.After the Flash Challenge comes the Elimination Challenge, a further test of the skill of the week on a human canvas, typically incorporating a prominent style of tattooing.In May, the network renewed Ink Master for a seventh season which premiered on March 1, 2016. All episodes aside from the finales have the following format, with some minor variations to the application of the format: First, there is a Flash Challenge that will be evaluated based on how well an artist met the skill of the week.The eighth season of the tattoo reality competition Ink Master (subtitled as Ink Master: Peck vs. Some Flash Challenges involve tattooing, but typically, flash challenges do not incorporate the act of tattooing; but, instead, will require a non-related artistic skill (i.e.This gallery is opened in Miami, Florida and it will feature handcrafted art from some of the best names in the business, including Kings Avenue Tattoo's own Brian Paul, Mike Rubendall, Matt Beckerich and Justin Weatherholtz.

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The last contestant standing each season receives a 0,000 prize and the title of Ink Master.

Katherine “Tatu Baby” Flores is a talented, award winning tattoo artist residing and running her own tattoo shop in Miami, Florida.

While Tatu Baby comes from Colombian decent, raised in Miami, she has attracted thousands of fans worldwide through her natural beauty, and distinct artistic vision, and quality.

Known for her photorealistic designs, such as: portraits, and animal life, etc.

Tatu Baby has evolved in larger scale tattoos and has visitors coming from all over the world to get tattooed by her.

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