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His contributions stretch beyond the field, however.

Earlier this month, Welsh talked publicly for the first time about his battle with depression.

TOLEDO, Ohio (RNS) As a state task force reviews the administration of the death penalty in Ohio, a man who spent 15 years on death row said lawmakers “should not be looking at fixing the death penalty; they should be looking to get rid of it.” (RNS) Once one of the biggest names in Christian music, Carman had been rejected by every Christian music label in the last 12 or 13 years.

The other Valentine was a third-century bishop of Terni who was martyred in Rome but whose relics were sent back to his home see.

On this early June day, he proudly fills out a Hawkeye T-shirt that simply says.

“Leave the Jersey in a Better Place.” It’s a core program belief dating back to before the historic 2015 season.

Welsh will be leaving his jersey in a better place.

His football exploits are appreciated inside and out of the football complex.

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