Accomodating gifted students in music education

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editors notes: I am revisiting this article, written in 2005, since much of the information is dated.

There was also the problem with "advice" in the title.

Too often, as I have heard from parents, gifted students end up as the support staff for their struggling peers -- after their work is completed they are expected to tutor the struggling students, rather than being exposed to more challenging materials that expand their skills and their knowledge.

JW Supporting gifted students in a general education classroom is a challenge many general education teachers may not be prepared to fill.

Winebrenner goes on to say: A teacher’s responsibility is not to teach the content.The over-three-million academically gifted and talented students in the United States need challenging and motivating curriculums along with well-trained teachers to inspire, motivate, and challenge them to succeed ( According to the National Research Council on Gifted Education over 80% of these students spend the majority of their time in the regular education classroom.These students have potential that is often unrealized.Rarely are there specific lesson plans for special education.Teachers take existing lesson plans and provide either accommodations or modifications to enable the student with special education to have optimum success.

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