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The Food Pantry is a shop that FBSG has set up to sell consumable food that is close to expiry date.

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The stringent criteria, the transparency of the PEC's decision-making process and the practice of political parties endorsing candidates have drawn criticism.

Presidential elections in Singapore, in which the President of Singapore is directly elected by popular vote, were introduced through amendments to the Constitution of Singapore in 1991.

Potential candidates for office have to fulfil stringent qualifications set out in the Constitution.

The office of President falls vacant upon the expiry of the incumbent's six-year term or if the President is for some reason unable to complete his or her term; for example, due to death, resignation or removal from office for misconduct or mental or physical infirmity.

If the office of President becomes vacant before the incumbent's term expires, a poll for an election must be held within six months.

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